MASQUELIER's® OPCs & Antioxidant

Mainstream medical science regards free radical damage in the body as a primary cause of deregulation in molecular and physiological processes, and of accelerated aging. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to DNA, lipids and protein that constitute the vital cells and tissues of the human body.. Left unchecked, free radicals can lead to oxidative stress which in turn can affect normal physiological processes. Antioxidants, in the form of enzymes and other molecules in the body, scavenge or neutralize free radicals and thus attempt to protect the body's tissues. However, due to frequent exposure to external sources of free radicals such as UV, smoke, stress and chemicals, the body's antioxidant defense system is overwhelmed, leading to free radical damage to cells and tissues, and subsequent deregulation in molecular and physiological processes . It is therefore important to supplement the body's antioxidant system with dietary and other natural sources of antioxidants.

MASQUELIER’s® OPCs, an OPC extract derived from grape seeds, is a highly effective antioxidant, whose free radical scavenging properties have been demonstrated through several scientific studies. It protects cells and tissues from damage triggered by free radicals, and thus helps maintain integrity and vitality of essential tissue and organ systems.

In topical applications MASQUELIER’s® OPCs has been shown through clinical studies to significantly reduces signs of sunburn in skin caused by exposure to UV. Excess exposure to UV radiation from the sun generates free radicals in the skin which can result in signs of sunburn and contribute to rapid aging of skin. MASQUELIER’s® OPCs, through scavenging of free radicals in skin, reduce the signs of damaging effects of UV exposure and maintain healthy looking skin.

Importantly, MASQUELIER’s® OPCs has been found to exert a strong antioxidant effect through a significant increase in the ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione (GSH/GSSG) in erythrocytes. Interestingly, MASQUELIER’s® OPCs has also been demonstrated to significantly improve vascular health index (VHI). The VHI is an integrative measure of the effects of this OPC extract on markers of cardiovascular health, including markers of antioxidant activity, vascular function and normal inflammatory response.