MASQUELIER's® OPCs & Eye Health

The main function of the eye is to convert light from an external source into electrical nerve impulses, which are then relayed to the part of the brain enabling vision. The health and normal functioning of the eye depend on a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen by blood vessels that supply the eye. It is therefore crucial that the blood vessels of the eye are maintained healthy, allowing for an adequate supply of nutrients for optimal eye function. Scientific research has demonstrated that the [OPC-containing phytonutrient MASQUELIER’s® OPCs has several beneficial effects on the blood vessels in the eye, thus supporting eye function.

MASQUELIER’s® OPCs can significantly improve dim light vision (dark adaptation) and visual recovery of the eyes from glare. Dim light vision is enabled by a protein in the eyes called rhodopsin. Maintenance of optimal levels of rhodopsin requires adequate supply of nutrients to the eyes. MASQUELIER’s® OPCs promotes better dark adaptation and recovery from glare likely by strengthening blood vessels in the eye and thus improving circulatory efficiency in the eyes.

MASQUELIER’s® OPCs also functions to strengthen microcapillaries in the eyes.
By reinforcing blood vessels through regulating levels of the essential proteins collagen and elastin in blood vessel walls, and markedly reducing fragility of blood vessels, MASQUELIER’s® OPCs significantly promotes eye health.

Scientific evidence therefore supports the beneficial effects of MASQUELIER’s® OPCs in promoting healthy eye function in humans through strengthening the vascular network in the eyes and enhancing circulatory function.